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Please press on the picture below and help us in our fundraising mission that goes on from today until 30th of November. We are supporting Ung Cancer (Sweden) and Teenage Cancer Trust (UK).

Please spread the word to everyone. Click in on the and please write a note about it on your blog - make everyone aware!

Let's do this for everyone that is currently fighting this horrible illnes or for everyone who lost their sister, brother, cousin, best friend mom or dad. We can all help.

Tea time

Tea time

Cardiff, Wales 2012

Just telling you!



23rd of June 2012
Stockholm, Sweden

Tiaras and ribbons

Beautiful, amazing, adorable and princess-like wedding.

7th of July, 2012
Ostrava, Czech Republic

Cake auction!

Sunday 1st of July

Jenny is running for Race for Life on Wednesday. Race for Life is a charity that raise money for cancer.
Janny, clever as she is organised a cake auction! Everyone bake something and bring along and the other guests bid on it, all money raised goes to the charity. All together we raised £180!! Well done!

My little granny would have turned 100 years old today and got a letter from the king. Sadly she passed away 3 years ago. Happy Birthday granny!

Ida & Mattias

Ida found her prince, build a house and expecting a baby...all within 8 months!

You go girl!!

Sunday goodies

So we decided to get a proper bbq going - actually, get that tradition to really become a tradition....meaning that it happens more than just once. Now it has happen twice. :) Moving in party - BBQ - Birthday party all in one go.
It's nice to, for once, feel all organised and efficient. See you next year!

A piece of Maroc - Atlas waterfalls

Part 2

olive trees

A piece of Maroc - Marrakesh

Anniversary number 1 we went to Barcelona
Anniversary number 2 we went to Malaga
Aniversary number 3 was celebrated in Stockholm
And this year we choosed Morocco

Wasn't me neither..

Been lying low for a while..too much in my head. Need job. Need money. Need a house.


There you are, sitting in the garden
Cluthcing my coffee, calling me sugar
You called me sugar

Have you ever wished for an endless night
Lassoed the moon and the stars and pulled that rope tight
Have you ever held your breath and asked yourself
Will it ever get better than tonight?

Have a amazing trip my rhubarb crumble, ur in my heart day and night. I love you and I miss you so much. 3 more weeks baby cakes.


Beautiful day yesterday with sun and almost spring in the air. We walked around Kungsholmen. :)


Oh, its been a long week.. with a lot of numbers.

We went to see The Iron Lady yesterday - Meryl Streep was amazing!

Twinkle twinkle...

This day was one of those days I will always remember, if it was because of that we walked until I couldn't feel my thighs or if it was because of the beautiful company I had by my side...

Stockholm tends to show her best and most beautiful sides when you need her to :)

Done two days in Strängnäs this week, all about fares and ticketing. Tricky.
Back to reality tomorrow and I will then start doing my own bookings!

Don't have much to say now I'm afraid but ... well, Good night.


He just landed!

I'm just not there!

4th day

You know the feeling when you just get too many on your plate or when its just too much around you so you cant really...I don't know...Your head just can't really process it all. I bet you know what I mean!...(If you don't, well, good for you, you're probably perfect). That's where I am at the moment. Or, that is where my head is at the moment....just not really there yet!..

Tomorrow comes Darren! <3

Happy days


So, two days into my first internship. Today I got to learn more about hotels and profiles...what can I say, It is just so much to take in and understand and get a grip around...if you can say that. I thought when I left school last Friday that I had it all (well I shouldn't say all but a bit anyway) covered. I knew alot, not everything of course, but I understood it all which is a lot more than you can say about other things in my life! :)
I don't feel so confident anymore.

From one fun thing to another. I have a silly pain in my right shoulder/neck/arm/part of my body which I have now lived with for a few weeks. I know, silly silly me that I haven't taken care of it but what can I say - yourself is not that  prioritised when you're tense to come first.
Anyhow, apperently it was quite bad and not wierd at all that I was in this much pain. Apperently A LOT of my muscles where they're joining my spine is inflamed real badly. Shit.
("This is gonna cost ya" as Darren would say when sounding like a plummer or a builder)
450 sek today and another 370 sek tomorrow....(this is more money then I spend on food for a whole month).

Silly sunday

Beautiful sunday, sun everywhere! I like when someone switches on the big lamp up there :)
Laundry, meeting Karin for lunch and my dad for dinner... hmm indian would be good.

I'm starting my internship for American Express tomorrow, scary thing.

Darren is doing Tough Guy UK today in Wolverhampton, I wish I could have been there to cheer him on and support him when he reaches the finish line. Good Luck my <3

Bakis brunch

Hangover brunch.. yummy mummy :9
Maja needs to learn to say no to booze hahaa Not trust stupid people (like me) pouring her a drink...
We did the full Monty, our way, with pouched eggs, bacon, warm buns from the oven, juice, ham, cheese..u name it. Soo good. I'm kind of normal again.. Maja is still...ehm.. asleep on the couch.

So, what got Stockholm to offer today?

Over and done with the title says. My dreadful first exam is now over and done with. And to be honest, it wasn't that bad. It felt quite simple, but I shouldn't jinx it...haven't got the result yet so I might actually forgot loads of stuff that's why it felt easy...hmm.... jinx jinx.
Unexpected surprice though - I got a little gift from my teachers! Hahaa That it a first!
I got it as a 'Thank You for being a good student and good classmate, for helping out whenever someone needs help'. That's nice of them! And it is always nice when you can actually say "Oh, wow, this is exactly what I wanted". Even though this is a smaller version but I have always wanted a globe! :D

My next step will be when I start my internship for American Express Corporate Travel on Monday... *shit scared*

* note to myself... Stop being shit scared for everything, it's going to be alright! MAN UP!


I'm on my way to Strängnäs, third day today. Still doing pretty well which feels good.

I <3 u

Inside jokes ; four

So, day 2 - Amadeus week. So far it's going well :) Easy peasy yesterday, but  I guess I shouldn't jinx it so I should stop talking about it.

Anyone doing something fun today? Tuesday fun, is the best kind of fun :)

Inside jokes ; three

This course comes down to two important days. This whole week leads up to Friday when I have my first exam. Yes, I'm a bit scared. It's tricky when you don't know what to expect.
On the train now though, flying thruogh a white wintery Sweden, so beautiful.

Tiny Me

Min profilbild


Hi! I'm Sara, twentyeight and Swedish. I live in London and Stockholm. My life is filled with lots of laughters and love. London just never disappoint you and exploring will never be boring. My two biggest passions is photography and to travel which I try and get as much time to do. If you have any questions send me an email at
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